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from all you can see around bed and breakfast Pieffe

our b6b (video1 , video2)

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sunrise from the room"Manfriana" b&b Pieffe (video)

sunrise from the room"Dolcedorme" b&b Pieffe (video)

Frascineto (video)

Frascineto country of Vallje (video)

Museum of Byzantine icons and tradition in Frascineto (video)

Climbing in Frascineto (video)

"Raganello Canyon" in about 6 km. (video)

Caves of Sant'Angelo in about 10 km. (video)

Morano Calabro in about 13 km. (video1, video2)

Cave of the Nymphs in about 28 km. (video)

Shrine of Our Lady of weapons in about 30 km. (video)

Caves of Romito in about 40 km. (video)

Rafting on Lao River in about 45 km. (video)

Nature of the National Park of Pollino (video)

National Park of Pollino (video1, video2)

The Lucano Apennine through the eyes of the explorer Flavio Facchinetti (video)

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